How to trade using Price Actions?

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In this video, our expert will review major Indian stocks through his technical knowledge in the financial sector. As he has experience in swing trading, he has been using simple price action here to analyze the stocks. 

He will talk about his own background and how he entered into technical analysis by analyzing the charts and patterns. The stocks mentioned by him are popular and our learners will find this video helpful. Trading using the price action method can be beneficial as it will provide a new aspect to trade. 

This video will provide a learning experience for the traders who are working on simple price action and other parameters of technical analysis. He will also provide some trivia on shorting the market and having the right psychology in different types of markets. 

Know more about technical analysis and learn how to trade using price actions!

Mr. Ryan Pierpont. in Face2Face

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Mr. Ryan Pierpont.

Mr. Ryan has 14 years of market experience and the stock market is his passion. He has won back-to-back top 3 finishes in the United States Investing Championship 2020 & 2021 (1,551% compounded return). Been featured in “Monster Stock Lessons 2020-2021” (John Boik), Business Insider, Investors Business Daily Live, and multiple other trading podcasts.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj