Identify Stock bottoms using Virgin Price Action

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In this video of our Face2Face series, we've Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge & Elearnmarkets with Mr. Naresh Nambisan where he will explore the basics of technical analysis and also decode the science behind the usage of virgin price action to identify the most profitable stock bottoms which present good investment and trading opportunities.

To start our technical discussion, Mr. Nambisan delves into the basics of virgin price action. He emphasizes the importance of trusting the charts to figure out the best opportunities for investments. We will further talk about how an edge over the market helps traders and investors stand apart from the crowd. With basic examples, we’ll see how an edge can help anyone in any field excel to the best of their capabilities. Moving forward,he will discuss his own style of investing to show how he trades and invests as per his edge. He will then discuss the importance of following a process or a system that suits us best, irrespective of whatever is happening in the environment. By drawing from examples of his own trades, we will learn how to leverage stock bottoms identified through virgin price action, even in the absence of technical indicators.

In addition to explaining how he uses his strategies to identify entry and exit points in equities, Mr. Nambisan will also explain why he frequently holds onto positions identified through the virgin price action approach. He will also provide us with a step-by-step method for locating stock bottoms through a precise assessment of support and resistance levels in new price movement. With this, he will also highlight how important it is to practice this identification before we actually apply it to the charts of various companies to make the best trades for our portfolio.

To get the most out of your investments in high-quality stocks, watch this video. Discover a thorough approach that suits your level of risk appetite and trading skill. Learn the value of experience and hone your investing strategy for improved portfolio performance. 

Naresh Nambisan in Face2Face

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Naresh Nambisan

Mr. Naresh Nambisan is an avid stock market expert, trader, investor and technical analyst with an interest on Nifty trades. After graduating with a background in chemistry, he worked in the middle-east for six years, before he moved back to India and ended up taking a dedicated interest in technical analysis, to become the expert he is today.
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Vivek Bajaj