क्या Job के साथ Stock Trading Possible है? जानें एक Part Time Trader से।

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Hello dear viewers, we are here with another of your favourite face2face video, which will show how to become a successful trader with part-time trading. We will discuss the tricks and techniques of trading with a full-time job with our rocking host Mr. Vivek Bajaj and our anonymous guest Mr. Gordon Gekku.

This video begins with the introduction of our guest, who is from Mumbai, but currently working in an MNC in Bangalore. After learning from his father about shares and annual reports, he went ahead and learned more from a Mumbai mentor. This video ranges from Mr. Gordon Gekku's philosophical thoughts to his practical strategies, which is evident from his P&L excel sheet. He talks about his love for the character of Gordon Gekku in the Wolf of Wall Street to the value of quality and not quantity. As it is believed that only full-time traders can be successful. Mr. Gordon Gekku claims that he is a successful part-time trader with derivatives, which is backed up by his experiences. 

Mr. Gordon talks about his strategies with examples, and his P&L sheet also shows his success in the market as a part-time trader. He says that he works with two of his trading systems, one of them is used for selecting stocks in the cash market on delivery with the intention to sell them and the second is NIFTY future trend followingsystem. These systems allow him to have a life outside his trading career, and he is not only dependent on his trading income. 

He says that backtesting also allows you to understand your system and that helps to know the reliability of your system. He also says that there is no strategy that can be termed as a 'holy grail' because the market can be unpredictable. Making your own plans and backtesting them is the trick to have the perfect strategy. Watch this video to know more about the secrets of part-time trading and how you can apply them in your trading career.

Mr. Gordon Gekku in Face2Face

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Mr. Gordon Gekku

Gordon Gekko is a part-time trader from Bangalore. He is a systematic trader who is currently trading two systems, one of which is a trend following system on Nifty Futures and the other involves delivery-based stock buying for short-to-medium terms. He had been trading for about 6 years and has been profitable for the last 3 years. During his free time, he loves to watch movies and shows on OTT platforms. He is an avid traveler and photographer.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj