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In this Face2Face video, we have our rocking host Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Nikhil Gangil, who will talk about intrinsic value and value investing. This presentation will revolve around investments and how they can be a vital source of income for people with a job or a business. Mr. Nikhil analyzes the significance of market cycles- Economic Cycles, Sectoral Cycles and Individual Cycles in investment choices while recognizing the complexity of basic stocks.

He stresses the importance of identifying market demand and trends by comparing options trading. He emphasizes the importance of sector-specific growth and success in investing strategies. He shares that opportunities can be identified by ranking top-performing stocks and using historical data. Growth metrics and price-to-book value are essential. A number filter can narrow down the number of potential investments.

In addition to sector comparisons, Mr. Nikhil provides a method for buying and selling stocks considering the 5-year book value (BV). He recommends favourable price-to-book ratios of 2 to 2.5 for sales but advises investors to adjust their investment strategies to market conditions and consider additional factors. He will teach the viewers about value investing and its demonstration in the financial market. The stocks are also mentioned for more clarity, including auto stocks, IT stocks, and others.

As his strength is intrinsic value, this presentation will also focus on this, a significant investment subject. He has also shared his strategy, which is an excellent solution for others trying to get a decent income through their investments. Watch this video to understand market cycling, and sectoral cycles and employ sound investment strategies, which will help you navigate the share market with confidence and work towards financial success. 

Mr. Nikhil Gangil in Face2Face

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Mr. Nikhil Gangil

He did his M.tech. in structural engineering from IIT Madras, coming from Gwalior, with a family background in business. He started active investing in 2014 and his strengths have been in value investing. After 3-4 years of mediocre performance, he started focusing on creating his own strategies. In 2018, he and his 2 other friends came up with a mathematical model which helped them calculate the minimum and maximum intrinsic value of businesses which turned out to be a breakthrough for them in long term. His future plan is to start an advisory in equity after he gets the license. He is 28 and he started investing at 20.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj