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In this Face2Face video, the market stalwarts, Mr. Thoviti Brahmachary and Mr. Vivek Bajaj, Co-Founder of StockEdge & Elearnmarkets, will decode the "mystery of financial markets" for all our valuable users. We will learn about the interesting journey of a technical analyst who started as a financial journalist, rose up to become a successful technical analyst, and became a fund manager. We will understand how beautiful it turns out to be if you consistently follow something that you want to learn and achieve.

The discussion highlights the evolution of the stock market by exploring the differences between then and now. It emphasizes the need of adhering to a disciplined set of rules when learning, whether in the stock market or any other sector and underlines the need to identify and fix up any gaps in our learning skills.  Viewers may pick up important life lessons from a seasoned technical analyst through this video, which offers a fresh viewpoint on observation, learning, and application.

Mr. Brahmachary provides advice on how to prepare for such a transition and offers thoughts on the path one should take while making the switch from working a job to being a full-time trader. He provides viewers with a plethora of information and useful guidance by featuring a variety of strong real-life suggestions from stock market players. Viewers can apply the excellent insights and lessons they learn from watching the entire video to their own experiences in the financial markets. All this and a lot is waiting for your learn to the expert here itself. Watch the video till the end to get powerful real-life suggestions from the stock market participant's life.

Thoviti Brahmachary in Face2Face

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Thoviti Brahmachary

Mr T. Brahmachary is a renowned Technical Analyst, Television Host, Financial Journalist. He has over 25 years of experience in analyzing stock markets. He has been practicing Technical Analysis since 2000 and trained over 4000 traders across India. Currently, he is the ATMA Hyderabad Chapter head and associated with Namasthe Telangana Daily Newspaper as Business Editor. He has been closely following and reporting economic reforms and market forecasts in various newspapers, magazines and electronic media. He holds three Masters degrees in various disciplines - Journalism, Political Science and Business Administration along with a PG Diploma in Financial Management.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj