How to make money by Trading Simple and Effective ?

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We bring you Face2Face Global featuring Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, and Larry Tentarelli, an experienced trader. In this insightful video, our speaker focuses on tracking key variables and utilizing moving averages to identify trading opportunities. Here he highlights the power of using moving averages as a simple yet effective tool for analyzing stock prices. 

Our speaker, Mr. Larry Tentarelli, explains how moving averages can provide valuable insights into market trends and potential entry or exit points for trades. By understanding the behaviour of moving averages, traders can make informed decisions and increase their chances of success.

Moreover, he emphasizes the significance of understanding one's trading personality and how it influences the choice of trading systems. And he shares his trading strategies and dives into the concept of when to enter and exit from the positions based on the signals provided by moving averages. 

He also shares the significance of implementing proper risk management strategies, determining appropriate position sizes, and effectively managing capital in successful trading.  These aspects have important implications for trading strategies. Additionally, the video implements his strategies in the Indian market. He analyzes stock prices using Indian charts, providing real-life examples and insights into how the discussed techniques can be implemented in their trading practices.


Watch this video to gain valuable knowledge and insights into trading strategies, mainly focusing on the significance of moving averages.  By understanding the concepts discussed and implementing them in their trading practices, traders can enhance their decision-making abilities and improve their trading skills.

Mr. Larry Tentarelli in Face2Face

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Mr. Larry Tentarelli

He is a Technical position trader and CEO of the Blue Chip Daily Trend Report.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj