Meet a 26-year-old successful Options Seller


Yogeeshwar Pal

M E Yogeeswar. A BTECH in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, and a second generation F&O Trader in the family. Actively trading financial markets for the last 7 years. Full Time Intraday/Positional Trader since 2017. Trading options based on price action, market volatility, moving averages and inflection points. The key to become successful in trading is psychology and position sizing. Control one and the other takes care of itself.

Yogeeshwar Pal in Face2Face

Mr. Vivek Bajaj


Mr. Vivek Bajaj

The passion for data, analytics and technology is what makes Vivek Bajaj a financial market survivor. The journey as a market participant started in 2002 when the first trade was executed in the options contract of ITC. Life was simpler and easier during that time. Since then technology and Big data have taken over totally. As an early adapter to the complex tools, Kredent was formed to capitalise on the opportunities. He is co-founder of StockEdge and is committed to bring simplicity in the complex world of market data. He is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and an MBA from IIM Indore. He is a part of various committees of exchanges and regulator and he has been an active contributor in the evolution of Indian Derivatives Market.

About this Face2Face:

In this video of the face2face series, we have with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Yogeeswar Pal, a footballer and a trader who works with options to take advantage of the volatility of the market and make money effectively.


This video is for those people, specifically, who want to learn more about the opportunities the Indian Stock Market offers to options traders, specifically for options sellers, and we will talk about the various ways all options sellers can make money on a full-time basis.


Mr. Yogeeswar Pal will first start this video with how he began his trading journey as an options seller. Before he begins sharing his strategy, Mr. Yogeeswar Pal will share his capital details, how he has deployed it, and the profits he has earned over the years. He will share his trading style and how it changes over the various capital amounts he has deployed.


Next, we will begin our technical discussion on the fundamentals of options selling. Mr. Yogeeswar Pal will start his discussion with why he and his team prefer selling options on an intraday basis, and he will justify this with the help of some real-life examples.


We will next see the type of strategies which Mr. Yogeeswar Pal commonly deploys on his intraday options trades, like short strangles. He will next show us some statistical data and show why this technique of intraday options selling actually works successfully enough to help sellers make a living out of their trades.


Following this, Mr. Yogeeswar Pal will give us some points that intraday traders should keep in mind while working with options selling. These include points like Implied Volatility (IV) spike to check volatility in the market and Relative Strength Index (RSI), and how we can use these points to formulate dynamic options selling strategies around them and make good profits from the volatility in the market.


We will also touch upon the fundamentals that Mr. Yogeeswar Pal keeps in mind while deciding which direction the stock market will move in and how he will sell calls or puts accordingly. We will discuss the importance of how the direction of the market can help you determine the right way to sell options.


We will also touch upon some more indicators and events to keep in mind while selling options, and we will verify these points with the help of some more practical examples and some basic strategies around these points.