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In this video of the face2face series, we have with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Yogeeswar Pal, a footballer and a trader who works with options to take advantage of the volatility of the market and make money effectively. This video is for those people, specifically, who want to learn more about the opportunities the Indian Stock Market offers to options traders, specifically for options sellers, and we will talk about the various ways all options sellers can make money on a full-time basis. 

Mr. Yogeeswar Pal discusses how his trading strategy and capital details alter as capital increases and decrease. Then he turns his focus to selling options, giving specific examples of why he favours intraday options trading. The importance of factors like spikes in implied volatility (IV) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is emphasised as he introduces tactics like short strangles and offers insightful advice for intraday traders. By taking into account these elements, traders can efficiently take advantage of market volatility, increasing their chances of trading successfully. 

We will also touch upon the fundamentals that Mr. Yogeeswar Pal keeps in mind while deciding which direction the stock market will move in and how he will sell calls or puts accordingly. We will discuss the importance of how the direction of the market can help you determine the right way to sell options. We will also touch upon some more indicators and events to keep in mind while selling options, and we will verify these points with the help of some more practical examples and some basic strategies around these points.

Watch this video to gain insights into options trading strategies, capital management, and leveraging market volatility effectively.

Yogeeshwar Pal in Face2Face

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Yogeeshwar Pal

M E Yogeeswar. A BTECH in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, and a second generation F&O Trader in the family. Actively trading financial markets for the last 7 years. Full Time Intraday/Positional Trader since 2017. Trading options based on price action, market volatility, moving averages and inflection points. The key to become successful in trading is psychology and position sizing. Control one and the other takes care of itself.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj