जानें Moving Average का जादू

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In continuation of the first part, the conversation between Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge & Elearnmarkets and Mr. N S Fidai continues in this video. With practical examples, Mr N S Fidai will show us how he discovered the practical application of moving averagesand how he used it for his trades. He will discuss the entire process of using these indicators depending on different financial instruments.

Mr. N S Fidai will give our viewers some useful tips for trading with the help of technical analysis. We will also talk about the importance of delivery volume when making risky trades with the help of an example. We will also discuss the importance of using quality stocks, even if you aim to trade stocks on an intraday basis. He will also talk about how unsolicited stock tips are used to trap unaware investors in losses. The moving average indicator is a popular technical analysis tool in trading and finance. It is used to identify trends over a predetermined time period and smooth out price data. The indicator computes an asset's average price over a predetermined number of periods and displays it on a graph. The simple moving average (SMA) and the exponential moving average (EMA) are the two most popular types of moving averages.

Mr N S Fidai will discuss theimportance of using technical indicators to assist your trades and show us the indicators he has used for his trade. He will also talk about how technical analysis can assist people in all types of trades and transactions. He will also explain his basic set-up of an F&O trader with a practical example, and discuss the advantages of using stop loss to minimize our losses.


We will also discuss the importance of discussions and interviews in spreading knowledge about some memorable events from his life, and the importance of patience in making our trades. Mr N S Fidai ends the video by busting a myth aboutcandlesticks and their use by traders.   With an extensive discussion about using the various elements of technical analysis, this video is a great way for the people interested in technical analysis to learn about it in a detailed manner.


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Mr N S Fidai is the founder of Analyse India. He envisioned technical analysis as a medium to empower traders and investors with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions. His passion to share his knowledge with keen learners led to Analyse India to foray into the field of education. An ex–Banker with 13 years of experience in the Banking sector, Mr Fidai has an illustrious track record of 25 years plus in the Indian Equity markets, having started off in 1991. In the last 6 years, Mr Fidai has honed his skills in the art of Technical Analysis and emerged a successful Technical Analyst par excellence.
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Vivek Bajaj