Successful Trader (From REGULAR JOB to FULL TIME TRADING) - Part 1

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In line with our ongoing series, "Face to Face Interviews with REAL Traders" (, we provide an engaging conversation between Mr. Amit Gulecha, a chartered accountant and full-time trader, and Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of Elearnmarkets & StockEdge. In 2009, Mr. Gulecha bravely left his regular job and pursued full-time trading, embracing the difficulties of sacrificing a steady paycheck for a career in the volatile stock market. Transitioning from a regular job to a full-time trading career requires a blend of knowledge, skills, abilities, and constant determination. This video details Mr. Gulecha's trading approach, which has been quite effective in the stock market.

Whether you are a beginner in the stock market or an experienced stock trader, you will agree that with stock markets, every day is new learning.  Mr. Gulecha will share his learning experience and will enrich the stock trades with his ten years+ of market experience. He Gulecha talks about the factors influencing retail investors' decision-making in this video. 

This video presents real-world viewpoints from an experienced trader and theoretical ideas. Mr. Gulecha will give viewers useful information that they may use to help them navigate the difficulties of the stock market by sharing his experiences and techniques. He details his price action strategy for the stock market and offers useful suggestions that traders may use to improve their methods. Additionally, he considers how the 2019 Elections, a big forthcoming event, might affect the stock market. He emphasizes on discipline and patience as he calls market a lazy game. This video has insightful information to help you improve your trading abilities, comprehend market dynamics more fully, or prepare for upcoming events. Watch to gain insight from Mr. Gulecha's experience and improve your trading and stock market understanding.

Amit Gulecha in Face2Face

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Amit Gulecha

Mr. Gulecha, who has been Trading since last 15 years in Cash F&O and commodities,is a follower of old school of classic charting.He has Worked as CFO of an branded edible oil company & has converted a typical family based partnership firm to a listed company in 5 years and raised close to 200 Cr. Via IPO. He is an expert in segregating positional trade from Intraday trades based on momentum of underlying. His work involves finding longer / medium / short term trend and trading based on overall trend,Nifty Bank nifty trade via future option through various strategies. He Follows PCR method for nifty which gives clear directions without any bias. He Uses Fibonacci, RSI, Bollinger and EMA as technical tools with simple trend lines to generate trades.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj