The Father-Son Trader Jodi trading Options !!

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In this video, we have two traders from different generations, and you will know how they perceive the stock market. Mr. Keshav Arora will talk about his options trading strategies. The strategy will be specifically on options selling with implied volatility. Strike selection is another aspect that will be discussed in this video for more clarity for the viewers, and for everyone who wants to know about this parameter. 

This duo will provide their own views from their dimensions that they have built in all these years in the stock market, which will help us to understand the market views more clearly. Similarly with the live charts that are discussed here, it is also demonstrated for more insights, which will help us to understand the current scenario of the market. 

Watch the whole video to know all about options trading and the strategies that can help you to excel in trading.

Mr. Pradeep Arora and Mr. Keshav Arora in Face2Face

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Mr. Pradeep Arora and Mr. Keshav Arora

Mr. Keshav Arora is a 2nd generation trader, founder of Financial Monk, does F&O Trading and Swing Trading. He is also an Investor and an Educator. His father is in the market from the last 22 years, and now he is managing his trading from Vrindavan.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj