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In this Face2Face video, we have with us Mr. Jegan, a software engineer turned stock market trader, will walk you through his life journey and his experience while entering the stock market. Mr. Jegan actively shares his trading ideas on Twitter, and this video will be an entire knowledge-packed session on options trading for our viewers. So watch the video until the end to make the most of it.

The knowledgeable options trader Mr. Jegan offers insights into the success rate and consistency of profit in selling options. He dives into the concepts and factors that options traders take into account while executing trades and simplifies the idea of option selling for retail traders. Furthermore, he offers significant guidance to improve trading performance while walking viewers through the dos and don'ts of option selling. 

He emphasizes the differences between naked trading and ratio trading and outlines the essential components that option sellers should avoid when executing trades and gives you a better understanding of these ideas and shows them how to apply them to their own trading practices by elaborating on these differences. His skill at clarifying complex concepts with practical illustrations is one of the video's strengths. This strategy makes the information interesting and approachable, ensuring that viewers will understand and be able to use the concepts.

Mr. Jegan emphasizes a crucial aspect of options trading near the end of the video that is often overlooked by retail traders. He advises traders to take into account other important elements in addition to the option premium amount. Watch the video to gain better results in the options market.

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Jegathesan Durairaj, is a mathematician by qualification and an Ex-software professional. He is currently operating as a full time Risk Defined Option Writer. With his successful Open Book Strategies, he is a popular personality on twitter, known as itjegan, with a huge social media following. He has also won the Zerodha 60 Day Challenge,10 times, round-the-clock. He is one of the prime Option Writing Trainers in the country, and has tutored close to 1000 members till now.
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