एक trader जिसने खुल के अपनी trading strategy share कर दी।

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In this Face2Face video, the discussion between Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets, and an experienced trader who goes by the name "Sanstocktrader" continues. The video's main objective is to provide useful information about an appropriate and smart trading approach that part-time traders can employ to continue to succeed in the stock market. Link to the previous video 

Sanstocktrader is honest about his trading approach and offers practical strategies with relevant examples. By providing real-life examples and showing how to use successful methods, this approach tries to improve traders' expertise. According to him, technical indicators can help traders in comprehending and creating a road map for their trading strategy. These useful strategies will be thoroughly covered with examples to assist you in going forward in the right direction. 

Further, he dispels common misconceptions that frequently cause traders to make poor trading decisions. He delves into the concept of pullback trading technique, covering entry points, exit strategies, support and resistance levels, stop-loss placement, risk-reward ratios, and other key topics. These concepts are demonstrated with practical examples to help viewers better understand the concepts. He emphasizes the value of having a structured approach by applying systematic trading techniques. This systematic strategy aids traders to minimize feelings and biases, allowing for more consistent and methodical decision-making. He encourages viewers to think critically and adapt the techniques for their trading styles, increasing their chances of success while also sharing useful strategies.


To make your trading journey beautiful and rewarding, watch this video. His profitable trading methods provide new insight into the world of trading and are supported by simple instances and modifications. You can better navigate the markets and accomplish your trading objectives by implementing systematic trading ideas into your trading strategy.

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A mechanical engineer by Profession and active trader from 2009. I have been trading all instruments like Equity, F&0, Commodity, International Indexes and Currency. Preliminary, I am a pullback trader for Day and short term timeframe.
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