Options Calendar Trading करने का अनोखा तरीका

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In this Face2Face video, we've with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge & Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Rohit Katwal, founder, Katwal Asset Management. He will talk about options trading and the strategies he keeps applying for a higher return. He strongly emphasizes the importance of technical and quantitative analysis in identifying market trends. With the help of practical examples, Rohit explains to Vivek his preferred options trading method. He highlights the significance of technical setups and refers to the 11 ATR bands based on hourly data for weekly charts. He can determine whether the market is trending or ranging using these bands.

He further deep dives into the Heikin Ashi candlestick charting method, which offers insights into market trends allowing him to make informed trading decisions. He then touches upon how he uses quantitative data analysis. Additionally, he ensures that his position sizing matches his capital to manage risk effectively. He emphasizes the necessity of adjusting options as situations demand. He sets a particular percentage gain goal for a given capital investment, and stresses the significance of never selling naked options and always holding a hedged position.

Mr. Katwal then shares that he works on options strategies such as Bull Put/Bear Call Spreads, Straddles, Iron Condors, Iron Flies, and variations in Calendars. But for this presentation, he focuses on Ratio Calendars, his go-to strategy. The typical calendar spread trade entails selling an option (either a call or a put) with a near-term expiration date and purchasing an option (call or put) with a longer-term expiration date. Options calendar trading has a range of topic that needs to be understood by traders, which includes option selling, mean reversal trading, Heikin Ashi candle, ATR bands, position-sizing and other terms that can be used as a strategy. 

Watch this video to learn about Mr. Rohit Katwal's go-to options trading approach, centred on ratio calendars and essential trading strategies.

Mr. Rohit Katwal in Face2Face

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Mr. Rohit Katwal

With over a decade in the stock market, Rohit Katwal has been trading in Equities, Future, and Options. Like many new traders, initial years were full of trading mistakes and blown-up trading account. After taking a short break, Rohit started trading in Options as a full-time trader in 2017. He founded Katwal Asset Management in 2018 and has been trading as an Options Strategist in Index Options since then.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj