VWAP strategies for profits in Stock Markets!!

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In this Face2Face video, our guest speaker Mr. Brian Shannon, who is an equity trader, and technical analyst who, will shed some light on VWAP ( volume-weighted average price) strategies that can help our learners to gain profit in the stock market. Stock markets require patience and the right technique to maintain a position, but sometimes people cannot control their emotions. 

The volume-weighted average price is the ratio of the value of a security or financial asset traded to the total volume of transactions during a trading session. It is a measure of the average trading price for the period. The VWAP indicator and VWAP trading strategy are thoroughly discussed for more clarity by our expert so that our viewers can know how to make profits in the share market. It is important for people to know a few strategies that can guide them toward wealth generation.

Volume Weighted Average Price is referred to as VWAP. It is a tool for technical analysis that traders and investors use to determine the typical price paid for a security based on price and volume information. The VWAP indicator determines the average price weighted by volume by accounting for trading volume at each price level.The VWAP indicator can be used by traders to supplement other technical indicators and chart patterns when making trading decisions. Either a line or a separate indicator window can be used to display it. Although the VWAP is a popular indicator, it has its limitations and shouldn't be used as the only basis for trading decisions. This is important to keep in mind. For a more complete understanding of the market, it is always advised to use it in conjunction with other technical and fundamental analysis tools. Also, several terms about the VWAP strategy will be discussed, such as the indicator, which will provide more scope for learning. It is essential for the traders to know the intricacies of this industry for a better return. Watch this video to know more about VWAP strategies for profits in Stock Markets!!

Mr. Brian Shannon in Face2Face

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Mr. Brian Shannon

He is a CMT, also an American author, equity trader, and technical analyst. He published his acclaimed book entitled 'Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes' in 2008 to educate beginning and intermediate traders on the tools and techniques that have made him "one of the best indie traders in the business". The book is ranked as the 4th top trading book on Amazon. He currently focuses on trading, providing daily focused market analysis, and educating swing traders.
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