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Bulls, Bears and other Beasts by Santosh Nair


About the book

Bulls, Bears and other Beasts by Santosh Nair (author) narrate the story of the Indian stock market by creating a riveting tale that brings together the world of fact and fiction. The book takes you through the ups and downs of the stock market through the eyes of the wily trader, Lalchand Gupta, popularly known as Lala. 


It is primarily an 'event' book for the market that is interspersed with behind-the-scenes knowledge about traders, operators, promoters, money managers and regulators. It traces the life of an Indian trader from the late 80s till date, and in that journey, it manages to touch upon wide-ranging topics concerning the Indian Stock market, such as tech booms, tax evasions and money laundering.

This book also touches upon liberalisation, the Harshad Mehta scam, the Ketan Parekh scam, the rise and downfall of Jignesh Shah, in addition to talking about how the Indian markets evolved over time. 


About the author

Santosh Nair is a veteran journalist who has been writing on the financial markets for over two decades, having worked with Business Standard,, Crisil MarketWire and The Economic Times. He is currently working as the editor of the (moneycontrol). 


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The book teaches you the ways of working in the Indian stock market, which is rightly labelled by the author as the land of bulls, bears and other beasts. We highly recommend you to read the entire book. (affiliate link)


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