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Bulls, Bears and other Beasts by Santosh Nair


Towards the end of 2014, Lala had parted ways with the industrialist as amicably as he could. Lala had started to take a deeper interest in his farm at Murbad and had also started working with a non-profit organization. He used to meet up with GB and Monk and reminisce about the old times.


The rules of the game had changed completely in the last seven years. The dealers at foreign broking houses and money managers used to be kings. But as the market grew bigger, the sphere of influence of each of these players had shrunk considerably. When BJP had come to power in 2014, everybody thought that the market would launch into another bull run. But two years later, the Indian market was still struggling like most of its peers for reasons beyond its control. That itself proves how difficult it is to make money in the stock market. Lala hadn't heard from his friend Dipesh in a while and he hoped that his pearls of wisdom had worked and that Dipesh was doing so well that he no longer needed his advice.

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