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Hedge Fund Market Wizard


This book is incredible for anyone who wants to dig deeper into how the wizards perform. Jack Schwager has listed all the lessons offered by the successful people who are interviewed in this book and here are a few of them:


  • There is no holy grail or single solution to trading.
  • Do what you’re comfortable with and find a method that suits your personality .
  • Do not mistake winning and losing money with good and bad trades.
  • Realize the power of risk control and diversification.
  • Be flexible and adaptive to the continuous changes in the market.
  • Always look for an infinite upside coupled with minimal downside in all trades.
  • The way of trade implementation is more important than the trade idea.
  • Markets behave differently in different situations.

The list of similar kinds of lessons goes on providing crucial points for beginners to understand how investments work. Readers looking to develop their trading skills will certainly have a lot to learn from this book!

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