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About the book:

The book is a collection of interviews of some of the most aged yet nimble minds of the Indian stock markets. These experienced investors who have seen many highs and lows of the financial markets, share their journey, mostly from rags to riches and also tell us about their investment strategy and personal and professional life, so that we may gather some inspiration and apply it in our investment careers as well.


About the authors:

The book is written by Vishal Mittal and Saurabh Basrar. Vishal has over 18 years of experience in the Indian stock markets and runs Altais Investment Advisors. Saurabh has about 17 years of experience in Dalal Street and co-founded Altais Investment Advisors with Vishal. 


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This book is all about the success stories of different super investors in the Indian stock market & lessons to learn from their investment journey. We recommend you to read the entire book.  


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