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How To Evaluate Management Quality


Investors typically analyze fundamentals, view charts, and use screeners to select and invest in a stock. 

However, they do not evaluate management quality. A high quality management can take a penny stock to great heights while a low quality management can turn a 4 digit stock to a singleton digit. 

This is why evaluating management quality is so important before investing in a stock. 


  • To help investors become more aware of the company they intend to buy.
  • To help investors become better researchers.
  • To help investors select high-quality stocks.

What You Will Learn

  • How to judge if a company's management is qualified enough to lead the company to greater heights
  • How to select stocks with multi-bagger potential
  • How to become better researchers


Sunil V Tinani (.)

Chartered Accountant and Investor who has been in the equity markets since 1985. Currently operates, a blog that guides investors through the dense stock market jungle.

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