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Combo - Certified Derivatives Programs

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Certified Derivatives Programs combo course is jointly  certified by NSE Academy & Elearnmarkets. (NSE Academy is a subsidiary of National Stock Exchange of India) . Derivatives are known to be among the most powerful financial instruments.

This programme will constantly help learners with strategies for equity and  currency derivatives investments and provide knowledge for trading, hedging and arbitrage opportunities, as well as provide an  understanding about the 'Currency Derivatives' product so that the people working in the Currency Derivatives market segment can benefit the most. This combo program aids in understanding the employment of Options which are used world over to hedge not only the portfolio risk but also to maximize the return on investments. The programme focusses on different kind of options, and option trading strategies that offer a wealth of possibilities to the market participants provided they take well-elaborated and research-backed decisions. This combo program is designed to get an understanding of the money market as well as get a clear idea about how interest rate derivative products work as a risk management tool. and equip the participants to analyse various derivative criterions like Open Interest, Price OI relationship, Roll Over statistics etc and get confirmation for the market movements.

The program will enable a beginner to  understand about the product, ways of trading it efficiently, to understand the complexities of the world of derivatives and ways to control risks.


This combo course will help participants know how to make money trading derivatives. A sound understanding of Derivatives aids to hedge risk in the underlying, create Option ability, provide leverage, speculate as well as switch asset allocation. The course introduces and trains the market participants about various derivatives tools which would give additional analytic information for better decision making. This analysis will complement technical and fundamental analysis of  markets thereby providing a complete package.

The course imparts knowledge on the fundamentals of currency markets, specifically the Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives markets, how it acts as a risk management tool as well as the trading platform, i.e. mechanisms of trading, clearing , and settlement related to Currency Derivative.

This perfectly designed course would help the participants to get an understanding of the various strategies in options trading and approaches available for trading options. This programme,backed with real-world examples, will simplify the jargon and complex language. After the successful completion of the course, a learner will be able to understand the objectives of the strategies and also the risks involved as well as understand how to trade in options market using the wide range of options strategies.

The course aims at creating a better understanding of the role of interest rate derivatives in different types of trading strategies such as hedging, speculation , and arbitrage. It discusses  the concepts underlying the money market as well as gives insights into the motives of and operations related to the trading of interest rate derivatives. This Interest Rate Derivatives Tutorial even focuses on pricing and risk management principles that are applicable in this market.


Students enrolling for this programme will be given a “Certificate of Participation/Certificate of Completion ” with respect to each module(course) from NSE Academy facilitated by, after successful completion of each module .The details of these are given in the respective courses(modules). 

He shall also be given free access to related webinars conducted by Kredent Academy for further knowledge enhancement. An email query support, Question & Answer community platform will also be availed by the student for any kind of doubt clearance related to content while pursuing the course. Students shall get access to Interactive Learning Tools to have an in-depth understanding, strategizing and practice futures and options. All the knowledge content is provided by Kredent Academy from the platform of Elearnmarkets.

Topics Covered

The Topics covered in the NSE Certified Derivatives combo Program are:

  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Introduction to Forwards and Futures
  • Future Markets
  • Introduction to Options
  • Options Pricing
  • Options Strategies
  • Open Interest and Rollover
  • Trading ,Clearing and Settlement
  • Introdution to Currency
  • An Introduction to Derivatives
  • Exchange Traded Currency Futures:
  • Currency Future Strategies
  • Currency Options
  • Currency Options Strategies
  • Clearing Settlement &Risk Management
  • Key Rules & Regulations
  • Introduction to Debt Markets
  • Interest Rates
  • Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Product Specifications on NBF II
  • Trading Strategies
  • IRF, Clearing and Settlement
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Bhav Copy
  • Open Interest
  • Volume
  • Relationship between Price Open Interest and Volume
  • Premium/Discount
  • Rollover Statistics
  • FII Statistics
  • Max Pain or Range Theory
  • Put call Ratio

Intended Participants

This combo course  is useful for Students coming from both commerce and non-commerce background, teachers, bankers, Primary Dealers, corporate executives, Corporate treasury managers, employees of Export/ Import Houses, analysts, Fixed income portfolio managers, traders and strategists, Analysts with Debt Mutual Funds and Rating Agenciesm, Product consultants and consulting firmsInvestors, Traders, employees of Brokers and Sub Brokers and all people who are interested to learn about derivatives market.

Market participants who are serious about making money from market.


  • 126 Videos
  • 12+ Hours of Content
  • 70+ Supplementary Study Materials 
  • Chapterwise tests
  • Full Length Tests