Combo - Finance Courses by Anil Lamba

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The decision makers of any Business Organization is concerned with the performance of their organization. They are always looking for ways to increase both the efficiency as well as the profitability of the organization. Financial Ratio Analysis and Fund Flow Analysis are two of the common tools used by the senior management to achieve these goals.

One should opt for this Combo - Finance Courses by Anil Lambe to get a better understanding of the role of Ratio Analysis and Fund Flow Analysis in evaluating the financial performance of a firm. Financial Ratio Analysis is a form of Financial Statement Analysis that is used to obtain a quick indication of a firm's financial performance in several key areas. This combo course is well crafted to make a student learn the financial tricks and strategies required to run a business successfully.


This programme will enable the participants to have proper knowledge about several ratios and their roles in analyzing the financial statement and other financial activities of an organization. It will also help the learners to evaluate the Fund Flow Statements with practical examples. Doing the course will ensures that the students will have a greater understanding of the financial performance of a company and enable them to take important decisions.

This program intends to make a participant understand the tools and techniques required for assessing corporate performance, and also talks in details about the important and strategic issues faced in financial statements, sources of financing, etc.

The instructor, with his immense experience, understands the challenges that a Manager-Finance faces. Hence as a solution to such challenges he presents to you this program that gives you a broad introduction to the field of finance.


Students participating in the course of Ratio Analysis and Fund Flow Analysis will get access to related webinars conducted by Kredent Academy for a period of two months.Students can also solve their doubts and queries through a Question and Answer discussion Forum.

The course gives a detailed understanding on trading on equity and leverage analysis. Individuals enrolling for the course cna take the help of a free Question & Answer platform support to clear further doubts through the discussion forum.

This program is designed to give an understanding of financial statements for the busy entrepreneur/manager/executive.

Topics Covered

Ratio Analysis

What are Ratios, their significance to interested parties and how to read them in conjunction with each other form the basis of this video.

Ratio Analysis - Cases

Cases illustrating how to re-arrange financial data in a form suitable for ratio analysis, and also how to create financial statements with the help of ratios are covered in this module.

Funds Flow Analysis

How to read - Funds Flow Statements A Fund Flow Statement provides insights into the functioning of an organisation, which may not be apparent from a reading of the Balance Sheet alone.

Funds Flow Analysis

How to make - Funds Flow Statements Every organisation must prepare a Funds Flow Statement, in addition to the P/L A/c and the B/S.

Understanding Financial Statements

Get introduced to the Profit and Loss Account and the Balance Sheet and why these two basic financial statements are made. The detailed explaination of a Profit and Loss Account and the importance of various items therein. Detailed study of a typical Balance Sheet, a statement that lists out the liabilities and assets and their importance in the business. Learn a simple way of making these statements, even if one does not have any knowledge of accounting.

Concept of Profit

what is Profit? What is the formula to arrive at Profit? Explanation of the concept of profit with the help of a case. The concept and logic of Depreciation and the impact of inventory on profit.

Trading on Equity

Trading on Equity module is an introduction to the principles of Marginal Costing. It begins with an example of the impact that the pattern of funding has on an organization’s profitability. It emphasizes on the need for business leaders and key executives to possess the ability to understand the firm's bottom line merely by knowing its top line, without waiting for accountants to tell them, and the technique to do so.

Leverage Analysis

Leverages, in the context of finance management, denote a disproportionate impact on the profit due to a certain change in sales. In this module, Dr. Lamba explains how fixed cost assets or funds can be used to magnify returns to owners, how to calculate the leverage multiple, and how to use Leverage Analysis to gauge the risk profile of any entity.

Intended Participants

The program is designed for:

  • Decision makers
  • CXOs
  • Executives from all functional areas of management
  • Managers
  • Senior managers and executives from all functional areas of management


  • 12 Videos
  • 5+ Hours of Content