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In this video of the Face2Face Series, watch a candid conversation between Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge & Elearnmarkets and Mr. Kunal Saraogi, a trader who has been in the market for more than 17 years and who’s seen the ups and downs of the markets for years as well. Mr. Saraogi shares his insightful journey with money and the market throughout the video, providing essential advice from managing finances to investing to encouraging growth.

Mr. Saraogi's passion for spreading market knowledge among the general public shines through as he emphasizes the value of thorough research in wisely managing our finances. Drawing on his own life experiences, he explores the advantages and potential of looking into career possibilities in the stock market. The discussion additionally highlights the importance of having persistence and patience in order to succeed financially, using examples from real-life situations to underscore this point.

He goes into further detail on the trading strategies that have shaped his career, highlighting how important it is to develop a clear path and strategy while trading stocks. The discussion moves on to the topic of long-term investing, where the benefits of performing technical analysis are discussed from a fresh perspective using real-world examples. In addition to highlighting the relevance of having an extensive investment plan and taking a long-term perspective, he emphasizes the need of holding onto profits and remaining patient while making long-term investments. Watch this video to delve into the scope of active trading, the significance of understanding your risk appetite, and the importance of risk management when it comes to trading and investing./

Kunal Saraogi in Face2Face

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Kunal Saraogi

Kunal Saraogi is an investor, trader, trainer and author based in Delhi. He heads an organisation called Equityrush that runs a sizeable proprietary book and offers a training program for traders that has been taken by over 3000 students so far! Kunal has been appearing on top business channels like CNBC TV 18, CNBC Awaaz, Zee Business and BTVi since 2008. He now appears exclusively on Zee Business and does their flagship morning and closing shows.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj