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In this Face2Face video, watch Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge & Elearnmarkets in conversation with Mr. Gautam Shah where he will share how he developed his passion for becoming an entrepreneur and his journey throughout the field of Technical Analysis. He engaged in a period of continuous learning from 2003 to 2008, gaining significant knowledge that shaped his stock market skills. Mr. Shah's knowledge and inspirational concepts will undoubtedly increase viewers' trading understanding and enthusiasm.

Mr. Shah clarifies the market's evolution and the shifting dynamics of technical analysis during the conversation. Although the tools are the same, he stresses the significance of modifying strategies and filters to keep up with the changing environment. With the advent of technology, information passes on in a blink of an eye. Mr. Shah discusses the idea of information arbitrage while explaining how technology plays a crucial role in the quick flow of information that affects market participants.

The video also discusses the relationship between newsflow and price action, wondering if they actually link. He analyzes whether the technical analysis is appropriate for long-term investing and identifies key aspects to take into account when engaging in short-term trading. He will discuss his own stock market strategy, emphasizing the value of charts and also touch upon the psychology of retail traders and how it has evolved over time. He also emphasizes the significance of preserving calmness and remaining consistent in the face of market swings. 

Don't miss this video, which provides insightful information about algorithmic trading and a must-see recommendation suggested near the end. Watch the video to learn more about this sophisticated trading strategy and to take advantage of the speaker's insightful advice.

Gautam Shah in Face2Face

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Gautam Shah

With over two decades of experience in technical research and advisory services, Mr. Gautam Shah is a highly motivated and dynamic trader and expert of the stock market. Mr. Shah is well versed in technical research and advisory services and has a gamut of qualifications to his credit such as: CMT from the Market Technician Association (USA), CFTe from the International Federation of Technical Analyst. He also received an MSTA (with Distinction) from the Society of Technical Analysts, London. He is one of the first individuals of Indian origin to hold all the three degrees.He uses a plethora of research tools in his analysis and assessments, which range from the traditional such as the Dow Theory, Moving Averages and Patterns to futuristic ones that are algorithmic and advanced system-based.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj