A Profitable Rule based IITian Full Time Trader

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In this Face2Face video, Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge & Elearnmarkets will engage in a conversation with Mr. Manu Bhatia, who is a full-time trader, an IIT alumnus, and is someone who follows a unique school of thought when it comes to trading and investing in the stock market. Before we begin with the technical aspects of the video, Mr. Manu Bhatia will discuss his educational background and the series of events that have possibly led him to become the type of trader that he has become in the market today. 

Mr. Bhatia has always been actively or passively involved in the markets since he was a young adult, and he talks about how his experience has shaped his views on the markets as well. He then discusses the logic behind why he shares his MTM values publicly, despite it having multiple pros and cons. Thereafter he puts forward his own ledger to show his recent trades and how he operates his trades by using multiple brokers and investment platforms. Further, with a technical discussion, he will discuss the basics of a rule-based trading system.

He emphasises the benefits of new traders adopting a set of rules and explores several fundamental and technical tools and indicators that may be used to build a successful trading system. The discussion of the benefits of trading systems is accompanied by relevant examples and practical explanations. Mr. Bhatia goes on to discuss the value of a trading edge in the stock market and how it relates to a trading system. He explains how to calculate the trading edge mathematically and explains the concept with real-world examples. He instructs viewers on how to develop a trading edge in the stock market by outlining the basics of an easy trading method. Additionally, system hopping is discussed in the video and is wrapped up by demonstrating how to create a hypothetical trading system and laying down the applicable stock market rules. Watch this video for valuable insights into rule-based trading systems, edges, and practical strategies to enhance your stock market success.

Manu Bhatia in Face2Face

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Manu Bhatia

Manu Bhatia, is a chemical engineer from IIT Kanpur, who worked with Flipkart until he quit to become a full-time, expert trader, dabbling in the various segments of the markets.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj