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In this episode, Mr. Nitesh Khandelwal, an Algo trader and director of QuantInsti, and Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge & Elearnmarkets, decode the secrets of Algo Trading. Learn about Mr. Khandelwal's journey from an engineer to desk trader to the creator of a system that adapts to technology advancements in trading and investment. For laying the groundwork for learning about algorithmic trading, watch this video.

The discussion between Mr. Bajaj and Mr. Khandelwal addresses the fundamentals of algorithmic trading, making it understandable for anyone with an academic background and an analytical view of trades. We will discuss systematic trading, which Mr. Khandelwal considers to be the first step in understanding the definition of Algo Trading. Usually, people use algorithms for statistical purposes, but in this video, we will also discuss the scope of algorithms for investment and fundamental and technical analysis and trading. We will also describe the basics of how we can pick up the essential components of Algo trading, from syntax to statistics to hypothesis creation and as well as its testing and validation and creating and optimizing a good model of trading. Additionally, Mr. Khandelwal will define a path for someone who knows the basics of technicals but they haven’t been able to start their journey with Algo Trading. 

Further, he will also discuss an easy example of a systematic trade with some algorithmic code as well and also explain the functions of the different components of the code and some technical indicators and ratios as well, and the importance of learning. These components make successful trades in the market with computational finance. Watch this video to learn more about Algo trading and how to use the knowledge and resources needed to become a successful trader in computational finance. It acts as a foundation for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals and start their journey with automated trading. 

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Nitesh Khandelwal

Nitesh Khandelwal is Chief Executive Officer of QuantInsti. He started his career in the Banking sector on the treasury side. After working in a proprietary trading firm as a lead, he co-founded iRage in 2009. In his capacity as the business lead of iRage, iRage went on to become one of the leading players in the Algorithmic Trading space in India. In 2016, he moved his focus to QuantInsti®, an Algorithmic trading and research institute that he co-founded in 2010, as its CEO. Under his leadership, QuantInsti has been working towards bringing knowledge and access to scientific & technology-oriented trading to the masses & institutions across the globe and has already been helping its registered users from 170+ countries in achieving the same. Nitesh holds an Electrical Engineering degree from IIT Kanpur with a postgraduate degree in Management from IIM Lucknow.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj