Very Important learnings for Retail Stock Market Investors !!!

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In this Face2Face video, Mr. Anuj Singhal will talk about the retail investors in the stock market who are trying to make a place. , Mr. Anuj Singhal will give his opinion on the situation of current retail investors in the market. He will give a brief about his journey and how he landed in this profession.

The video will have more techniques for investing and looking at the right stocks for major profits. There are several principles that need to be followed to be the game-changer in the market.

With his knowledge and expertise due to his background, this becomes a great learning experience for all retail investors and beginners who want to know more about investing in the stock market.

Retail investors use traditional or online brokerage firms, as well as other kinds of investment accounts, to carry out their trades. Compared to institutional investors, retail investors frequently trade in much lower sums and buy assets for their own individual accounts. Retail investors, who are struggling with losses or need more guidance in this domain should watch this video to know about their views on the same. The stock market goes up and down, similarly, investors also change their rules to adjust in the race.

Watch this video to know about Very Important learnings for Retail Stock Market Investors!

Mr. Anuj Singhal in Face2Face

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Mr. Anuj Singhal

Anuj Singhal is India's most seasoned and trusted Stock market anchor. He began his career with CNBC-TV18 as a research analyst in 2003. By 2008 he was heading the research team at the young age of 28 and then progressed to become Stocks Editor of the channel. His endeavor is to help retail understand the basics of markets so that they can participate in the wealth creation journey.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj