How to become from Zero to Hero in Stock Market by Vijay Kedia

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In this Face2Face video, we have with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge & Elearnmarrkets, and Dr. Vijay Kishanlal Kedia, an Indian investor & trader based out of Mumbai and his company - Kedia Securities Pvt. Ltd., is the largest shareholder in several listed companies. Mr Kedia will inform you about his journey as an investor and how he became a hero from zero. We will proceed with the right learning for our learners by discussing his tricks as an investor and the pros and cons of trading. 

Mr. Kedia shares his personal and professional journey. Even in the face of challenges, his unwavering commitment to supporting his family and achieving financial success pushed him into a career in investing. He further highlights the importance of discipline and points out that while trading may result in quick profits, patience investing is the key to long-term success. Vijay Kedia openly discusses his mistakes and life lessons, ultimately convincing him to switch his attention from trading to investing. Mr. Vijay inspires investors to diversify their portfolios through innovative thinking. Building substantial wealth requires optimism, taking calculated risks, and practising patience. The story of Mr. Vijay exemplifies how patience, expertise, and perseverance hold significant value when navigating market shifts.

Further, Mr. Vijay also reveals that he began his investment career by putting money into firms like ACC and Punjab Tractors. His choice was supported by his conviction that these businesses could turn around. His investment approach was straightforward but firmly based on belief. According to Mr. Vijay, patience gives investors the greatest edge. He compares it to plane travel, where impatience only develops as the destination gets closer. Similarly, investors must develop patience and recognise that real success takes time and persistence. According to him, new investors should focus on long-term objectives and find satisfaction in small victories.

Watch this video as Dr. Vijay Kishanlal Kedia answers a range of questions posed by Mr. Vivek and Mr. Karan, providing clarity and insights on topics spanning from trading to investing, and offering valuable knowledge to our learners.

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Mr. Vijay Kedia

Dr. Vijay Kishanlal Kedia is an Indian investor & trader based out of Mumbai and his company - Kedia Securities Pvt. Ltd. is the largest shareholder (after the promoter) in several listed companies. Kedia was a keynote speaker at IIM Ahmedabad & IIM Bangalore. He has also delivered a speech at the Bombay Stock Exchange. He has also spoken at TEDx Amritsar. He was invited to speak at London Business School. He has been described by the Economic Times as a "market master". In 2016 Vijay Kedia was conferred with a Doctorate degree for Excellence in The Field of Management.
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