From a Successful Lawyer to a Successful Investor! How?

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In this video, our expert will talk about everything investing and the topic of stock management that should be known by many. It will be a candid discussion on investing and how investors need to have an outlook to be successful. 

He will talk about stock selection and the fair valuation of these stocks that should be considered before investing in these stocks. As the market keeps fluctuating, the investor should know how to get away from maximum loss and manage small losses. 

He is a lawyer with a wide experience in investing, which also allows him to understand the legal aspect of every company. He will also give the importance of value migration, which he considers an important factor in the field of investing. 

You will also know if wealth generation is possible through minimum capital investment in this video. In the end, he will also tell our learners the right to earn money and invest in the stock market, which is essential for everyone to get clarity. 

So watch this video now to know about his journey from a successful lawyer to a successful investor!

Mr. Safir Anand in Face2Face

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Mr. Safir Anand

Safir Anand is a Senior Partner & Head of Trademarks, Commercial & Contractual IP at Anand and Anand, with over 25 years of experience in providing inputs on strategy, business models, marketing, and commercial insights, blended with an astute understanding of IP law that encompasses IP protection, IP enforcement, IP agreements, licensing, franchising, monetization, and due diligence.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj