How a PSU Banker is making money every week by trading options

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In our new series of Face2Face Emerge, we will bring you people from the finance industry who have a story to tell. They are young, dynamic, and prospering in this industry, bringing you their experience. It will help you take a step forward in your financial journey while looking at people from different walks of life. In this video, we have our rocking host Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Om Kumar, who will talk about trading options and has years of experience in this domain. The presentation starts with options writing, providing a background to our topic. 

Further, he shares that he only trades weekly options in Bank Nifty Index. He shares a live demonstration and calculations in a trading view and a discussion of the relevant candles that need to be considered before taking action. Bank nifty is also explained in the context of trading. Additionally, he highlights that we should not carry our positions on event days such as a day before the Union Budget, RBI Monetary policy, Parliament Election Result, Results of Major Weightage Banks, US Fed Meet, etc.

He suggests that trading psychology is a must for any trader who wants to learn the techniques and earn money as an income. There are several factors that need to be considered while investing in stocks or when to put them on hold. When to buy or sell a call and put is another significant factor that needs to be mastered. 

A stock market is where you make some money and lose some, but knowing how to recover after a loss is necessary. This video will show how a PSU banker makes weekly money by trading options. 

Mr. Om Kumar Mishra in Face2Face

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Mr. Om Kumar Mishra

Mr. Om Kumar Mishra aged 38 Years born and brought up in a small village named Jamuka in the district of Sahjahanpur Uttar Pradesh and currently living in Lucknow. He completed his education in his hometown and after that, in the year 2001, he joined the Indian Air Force as a Technical Tradesman to serve our nation as well as to earn for his bread and butter. In the year 2016, he took voluntary retirement from Air Force and joined PSU bank as a Clerk. The stock market was his hobby since his initial days in Air Force but due to lack of time as well as knowledge, he was unable to involve himself in it. In the year 2017, he accomplished NCFM, BCSM & BCDE certificates and started trading part-time along with his full-time bank job, and further in March 2020, he started Weekly Option Writing in Bank Nifty Index. Started with a small capital, his net worth rose to multifold by maintaining a consistent profit and reducing forfeitures.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj