How to become a Successful Trader using Price Patterns

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In this video of the Face2Face series, we have with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, and Mr. Piyush Chaudhry, an expert trader who has witnessed the growth of the derivatives market in India over the years. Here, we will discuss the background of Mr. Piyush Chaudhry and then move to how he studies stocks and makes profitable trades in the stock market. For those interested in technical analysis, he suggests reading "Technical Analysis Explained" by Martin Pring and "Technical Analysis of Stock Trends" by Edward and Magee. These publications provide helpful knowledge as well as strategies for successfully navigating the stock market.

The relevance of a trader's perspective and how it differs from that of brokers and analysts are both stressed by Mr. Chaudhry in addition to his discussion on technical analysis. He emphasises how good physical and mental health can improve one's stock market performance. People can maximize their trading success by concentrating on creating an environment that encourages trading skills.

Next, we will also mention how to transition from salaried jobs to a career in full-time trading. We will touch upon the kind of mindset that is required to make this transition smoothly. Moving to the technical discussion, we will discuss how Mr. Piyush Chaudhry used the various evolving elements of technical analysis like classical patterns and the Elliott Wave Theory to build his trading style. With real-life examples and charts, Mr. Piyush Chaudhry will show us how to use the various elements to create a profitable technical structure.

Watch this video to learn more about technical analysis, trader mindsets, the impact of physical and mental health, making the switch to full-time trading, and the practical application of technical elements with real-life examples and charts. For traders who want to succeed in the market, this is a must-watch.

Piyush Chaudhry in Face2Face

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Piyush Chaudhry

Mr Piyush Chaudhry is a founder of Wave Analytics, a firm that aims to be a pioneer in practising objective and scientific forms of analysis with defined parameters that generate consistently higher grade payoffs through superlative accuracy rates, shunning all and any form of randomness, with that being the underlying objective, they currently focus on Elliott Wave Analysis for both Short Term price movements as well as Long Term price trends and end-to-end Automated Trading Algorithms that work with zero human intervention. With an MBA in Finance and a work-ex of 17 Years in Stock Markets, Mr Chaudhry has seen several market cycles and is well-equipped to deal with the finer nuances of the Markets.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj