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In this video of the Face2Face series, we have with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, engaging in a candid conversation with Mr. Rishikesh Singh, a trader from a non-metro city, with a story to inspire others to break away from society's stigmas and create an identity for themselves. Mr. Rishikesh Singh has been in the Stock Market since 2009, and we will listen to his story, as he recalls the events which led him to become a full-time trader in the market.

Next, we will start our conceptual discussion with Mr Rishikesh Singh discussing the theory behind his own ZigZag Trading model and why it works so efficiently. He will discuss some real-life examples from his own trades here as well. We will also touch upon his exit strategy and how Mr Rishikesh Singh decides when to enter and exit the market for a stock.

Mr Rishikesh Singh will also cover some interesting real-life examples to show how efficiently trades can be made by following trends in the way he does. He will also discuss setting stop losses while trading through his zigzag trading style. A trading strategy known as "zigzag trading" aims to spot and profit from brief price reversals or "swings" that occur within a larger trend. The price movement's appearance on a price chart as a zigzag pattern between highs and lows is where the term "zigzag" originates. When using the zigzag trading strategy, traders look for swing highs and swing lows in the price action and place trades based on the anticipated trend reversal. To find these swing points, traders who employ this strategy frequently use technical analysis tools like trend lines, support and resistance levels, and oscillators. 

He will also discuss the importance of risk management and the various types of risks we can face as investors. We will also discuss how portfolios can be hedged with a good understanding of risk management in the stock market i.e will also discuss how we can work with options trading with his technique, along with the importance of risk management in options as well.

Rishikesh Singh in Face2Face

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Rishikesh Singh

Investor, Trader, Co-Founder Equity4Life. Mr. Rishikesh Singh is a Technical Analyst, Investor, and Trader. He is also a Technical Analysis Trainer, Trading/Investing Coach & Mentor, and an active Trend Follower, to help Guide Traders and Investors who are new to the stock market.
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