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Nooresh Merani

Nooresh Merani - An IT engineer by qualification and Advisor/Trainer by profession. Founder - Analyse India. Also consults for an institutional broking firm. Mr. Merani has been blogging for the last 10-12 years with detailed, crisp and accurate views on Indian Stock Markets as well as global indices and commodities. IT Engineer by qualification. Blogger/Educator/SEBI Registered Investment Adviser. Guest Analyst - CNBC, ET Now, Bloomberg etc.

Nooresh Merani in Face2Face

Mr. Vivek Bajaj


Mr. Vivek Bajaj

The passion for data, analytics and technology is what makes Vivek Bajaj a financial market survivor. The journey as a market participant started in 2002 when the first trade was executed in the options contract of ITC. Life was simpler and easier during that time. Since then technology and Big data have taken over totally. As an early adapter to the complex tools, Kredent was formed to capitalise on the opportunities. He is co-founder of StockEdge and is committed to bring simplicity in the complex world of market data. He is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and an MBA from IIM Indore. He is a part of various committees of exchanges and regulator and he has been an active contributor in the evolution of Indian Derivatives Market.

About this Face2Face:

Meet an IT turned full-time Trader Mr. Nooresh Merani, whose journey will motivate you to strategically build your trading and investing career.


 In this conversation between Mr. Vivek Bajaj co-founder of Elearnmarkets and StockEdge and Nooresh Merani, a SEBI registered advisor, you will learn various factors to be kept in mind while trading and investing. 


This Face2Face video will be very effective for beginners in the stock market, and novice traders, who are new to the stock market but want to excel and make their career in the stock market.


Nooresh Merani is an IT-turned trader. His interest and passion for trading made him initially a trader, advisor and gradually a consultant. Through his journey, you will understand how he has evolved as a full-time trader over the course of time. Presently, he is a consultant and a SEBI registered advisor.


In this video, Mr. Nooresh Merani talks about technical analysis, the various strategies used in technical analysis and how one can use those technical strategies to select stocks. This is a very informative conversation which will also help you to know about the economy at the macro level.


 Mr. Nooresh Merani will clear the concept of sector rotation and briefly explain how to select the stock of a particular sector. He will explain this concept in simple terms for the users to understand.


Further, in this video, he will also explain what is trailing stop loss and how to put that into your trading strategy. With his enriched experience,  Mr. Nooresh Merani will help our users to know what it takes to take trading as a full-time occupation.


Watch the video until the end to get some of the most important answers to your queries. To connect with Mr. Nooresh Merani, on Twitter, find here his Twitter id: https://twitter.com/nooreshtech