Learn the Impact of TIME (समय) on Stock Market

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In this face2face video, Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets, will have an informational conversation with an expert stock market trader and teacher, Mr. Sharad Jhunjhunwala, about the importance of time factors in the stock market, along with the basics of Gann Theory. He will simplify the complex seeming topic of Gann theory, set up by W.D. Gann, one of the first known stock market traders of the world. 

Mr. Sharad will share his background and how he became a stock market trader to eventually focus on Gann's theory. Following this, we will talk about the origins of W.D. Gann and his setup of the Gann theory, including clearing some common misconceptions related to its working. We will begin this discussion with the basics of how time and price action can work together to show us a broader perspective of the stock market. Mr. Sharad, throughout the video, will be discussing how lunar and solar cycles dictate the Gann laws and how, even with a lack of any knowledge of astrology, we can use these cycles to predict breakdowns, breakouts, and the ups and downs of the stock market. 

He has also touched upon to include the effect of human emotions on the stock market, as even tidal cycles have a small but significant impact on market movements. The psychological component of trading can help traders better handle volatility in the markets and come to reasonable conclusions. Watch this video to know about the importance of time factors in the stock market and the basics of the Gann Theory. Learn how to forecast breakdowns, breakouts, and volatility, as well as how lunar and solar cycles affect market movements.

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Sharad Jhunjhunwala

Mr. Sharad has Stock market in his blood, cause both his maternal as well as paternal grandfather were founder members of Calcutta stock exchange. He also did well in Academic as a qualified CA, CWA and CFA with All India Ranks in all of them, being 11th CFA of India. He thoroughly believes in our Ancient Vedic Scriptures and fully spiritual in nature and practice, and leads a very disciplined life. He practiced his first trade in Stock market in 1990.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj