Meet 66 year old Skydiver and a successful Stock Trader

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In this conversation between the Co-Founder of Elearnmarkets and StockEdge, Vivek Bajaj and the market enthusiast, Mr Prakash Gaba, you will learn what it takes to maintain the correct temperament and strategy in the stock market. Viewers will be given priceless insights into Mr. Gaba's life story and his insightful observations on the constantly evolving share market situation during the talk. Mr. Gaba stands out for his extraordinary energy and a new outlook on life, which have a significant impact on how he views the current stock market.

You will understand how technical analysis evolved and how much time will you require to become a successful trader from a novice or a new market participant with the help of this video. Mr Prakash Gaba will also explain his wisdom behind tradingand will give valuable brief insights on the risk and reward, profit, loss and other related market terminologies and strategies. His expertise provides viewers seeking to navigate the complexities of the stock market with comfort and knowledge with a guide.

Mr. Gaba also answers a critical concern that aspiring traders frequently have: Can full-time stock trading alone generate an adequate income? Mr. Gaba provides viewers with insightful advice to help them make wise judgements regarding their trading careers by sharing his experiences and opinions. It is essential to watch the entire video to learn the essential characteristics in order that make a successful stock trader. For in-depth discussions and a wealth of stock market knowledge, watch this video. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of market dynamics, learn about risk and reward techniques, and gain insights to become an excellent stock trader.

Prakash Gaba in Face2Face

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Prakash Gaba

Prakash Gaba is SEBI registered Research Analyst & is also a Certified Financial Technician, Technical Trader & a Trading Mentor and a winner of Viewers Choice ’Best Technical Analyst Award’. He has appeared on all Business Channels in the Country and regularly writes for various Newspapers & Magazines and invited for Lectures & Seminars all over the country. He is a regular face on CNBC TV18 & CNBC Awaz.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj