Meet a Homemaker and a Successful Trader

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In this Face2Face video, our speaker Ms. Mukta Dhamankar will talk about her choice to get into trading and why she chose this career as a homemaker. It will also include her strategies and how she is making money through the bearish and bullish patterns.  From Future and Options to Bank Nifty, she will talk about her whole journey, which led to this day. The charts and trading view will be demonstrated for the learners in the live market, which will include the call and put options. 

She will also talk about TOI tool, which is Total Open Interests, and how she made strategies for the Futures. She took the relative strength index as her model and will tell us when she used to exit for maximum profits.  The overall presentation will be about trading options and how she uses TOI, Points and Figures for wealth generation. Points and Figures will be used and demonstrated by her to show their importance. 

Trading professionals can use point-and-figure charts to locate trends, points of support and resistance, and potential price targets. They focus on significant price movements by removing noise and minor price fluctuations. This can make it simpler to spot important market levels and patterns. Point and Figure charts are frequently used by traders in conjunction with other technical analysis instruments to make trading decisions. Even though they are less popular than candlestick or line charts, they can still offer special insights into market dynamics, particularly for long-term investors and those who are interested in price patterns and trends. 

Ms. Mukta Dhamankar is a homemaker and a successful trader, showing how time management and the right zeal can take you to places. Ms Mukta Dhamankar has been thoroughly focused on her journey and learning various things for a better outcome. Know more about her strategies and investment ideas and watch our video on Meet a Homemaker and a Successful Trader.

Ms. Mukta Dhamankar in Face2Face

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Ms. Mukta Dhamankar

She is a Master's in Nutrition and has worked with UNICEF as a research fellow. She developed her own baby food manufacturing unit, a full-time trader for the last 15 years & a family nurturer.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj