शेयर बाजार में शेर कैसे ढूढ़ते हैं? सीखें जबरदस्त Relative Strength technique

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In this video of the Face2Face Series, we have with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge & Elearnmarkets, and Mr. Premal Parekh, an enterprising trader, who will talk about applying the Relative Strength technique with our tools. We will first start with a video on the background of Mr. Parekh's life and how he became a trader, and how StockEdge has helped him build his base of knowledge.

Here, Mr. Parekh will bring a theoretical viewpoint to how StockEdge and its scans can help multiple retail investors create profitable trades. We will first discuss the basics of the Relative Strength Index and the importance of it to traders. When a stock's performance is measured in relation to another stock or its benchmark, the term "relative strength" is used. RS contrasts the stock "X" vs. "Y" performance over a period of time. For instance, in a rising market, "X" may increase more or less than "Y"; likewise, in a falling market, "X" may decrease more or less than "Y." It's one of the tools for investing in momentum.

We can identify the strongest and weakest securities or asset classes in the financial market using this metric. Stocks that exhibit strong or weak RS over a specific time period typically continue in the future. It is important to note that RS analysis can be used with any domestic or foreign stocks, stock. 

With practical examples and StockEdge, Mr. Premal Parekh will show us how to use the scans and features of StockEdge to practically apply the RSI technique to make the best possible trades. StockEdge helps us in filtering the stocks which are either outperforming or underperforming the index or the sectors and other Relative Strength scans.

Premal Parekh in Face2Face

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Premal Parekh

Premal has been actively trading the markets for the last 18 Years. Initially using Technical Analysis from 2002 scaled up on using “Relative Strength” theory from 2008 and Advanced adaptive RS techniques as on date. His educational background includes Bachelor of Commerce from the Top college in Gujarat followed by a PGDM in International Business Management. An avid reader of Psychology to better understand Market Economics has regularly featured on several TV channels guiding many on their stock investments. Has a fan following of over 6500+ on Twitter (@premalparekh) & Thousands on YouTube. Firmly believes – Time is Money, He expects returns to come swifter then waiting patiently for very long term. As such Identifying stocks which have great Momentum and Terrific Out performance beating the Index is at the core of his Work. Resides in Ahmedabad with family & Loves to travel exploring cultures, has visited over 39 Countries. A Swimmer, Loves Scuba Diving and Water Adventure Sports.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj