From Doctor to Multi-Asset Trader: A Remarkable Success Story!

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In this video, Dr Rajeev Ranjan, tells us how multi-asset trading and portfolio diversification are important for hedging our portfolio. Dr Rajeev Ranjan is a Popular & leading paediatrician (Noida U.P.). For the past 20 years, he has effectively treated children with various diseases and educated his community by sharing crucial child care and well-being details on his YouTube channel, 'NIDAN MOTHER & CHILD CARE’. Even being a full-time doctor, he takes time to trade in equities and commodities markets. 

Further, he explains that the three golden rules that give him an edge in trading are- Trading Psychology, Risk Management and Execution. In this video, he discusses managing risk and executing the trades at the right time. Also, to him, trading psychology plays a very important role when trading in the stock market

He also emphasises on capital allocation; according to him, one should allocate 50% to stocks-derivatives, 30% to commodities and 20% to bank nifty or options trading. He uses StockEdge for scanning the stocks, and uses Indicators such as Relative Strength, Relative Strength Index, and Supertrend, and one should Exit Trade if any of the above 2 are negative.

In his trading strategy, he uses Weekly Event | Dollar Index, Bond Yield | Geopolitical Issues and Indicators such as 15 min Chart, SSL Hybrid, Supertrend, and MACD for commodity trading.

Watch this video to learn more about the extraordinary life of a successful doctor and multi-asset trader and how he trades in the stock and commodity markets. According to him, execution is very important; after all the news and after all the fuss, your trading psychology and execution will define how much success you get in that trade.

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Dr. Rajeev Ranjan

Dr. Rajeev Ranjan is a popular & leading pediatrician in Noida, U.P. For the past 20 years, he has been effectively treating children with various diseases and putting smiles on the faces of numerous families. He is passionate about the stock market, and over the years, he has used his free time to study and acquire experience in order to become a skilled and a profitable trader.
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