TechnoFunda Trading strategy by Trader Mark Ritchie

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In this Face2Face video, our guest speaker Mr. Mark Ritchie will talk about the TechnoFunda trading strategy, which is a significant strategy in the financial sector. Techno-funda investing is a combination of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Our speaker is an expert in the international market and that will ensure quality information in this field. Mr. Mark Ritchie will talk about his past experiences, which made him what he is today, and also the obstructions he faced in his career. He will demonstrate his technique live with us for our learners and people who are struggling with TechnoFunda trading.  

Further in the video, he will also talk about his experience with Mark Minervini and the things he learned with him. He has a habit of bending with the market and not arguing with it. He will discuss this thoroughly to make us understand his technique and how he has been making a profit all this while. Technical and fundamental analysis combined, or techno-funda trading, is a trading strategy that takes into account both of these elements when making investment decisions. It seeks to combine the advantages of comprehending market patterns and trends (technical analysis) with evaluating a company's financial situation and future prospects (fundamental analysis).

Techno-funda To create a trading strategy, traders combine the findings from fundamental and technical analysis. For instance, they might employ fundamental analysis to find businesses with good growth prospects that are fundamentally sound. The best entry and exit points for trading those stocks are then established using technical analysis based on patterns or indicators.

It's crucial to remember that techno-funda trading is only one type of trading strategy, and its success depends on the trader's capacity to effectively interpret and combine both technical and fundamental analysis. When implementing any trading strategy, traders should also take into account their risk tolerance, time horizon, and other personal factors. Watch this video to know more aboutTechnoFunda trading strategy by the expert Mark Ritchie!

Mr. Mark Ritchie in Face2Face

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Mr. Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie II is the CIO of RTM Capital Advisors and an experienced growth trader. He made quite a name for himself when he won Mark Minervini’s Triple-Digit Stock Challenge back in 2010 by achieving triple-digit returns in less than six months. From 2010 to 2014, he’s grown his managed funds tenfold from its initial amount, consistently compounding his portfolio year-in-year-out. With that much traction, he was officially invited to be one of the 4 Momentum Masters arranged by Mark Minervini’s roundtable interview.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj