Special TechnoFunda Strategy to Create Wealth from Stock Market (हिनglish)

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In this episode of the face2face series, Mr. Vivek Bajaj co-founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets and seasoned trader Mr. Vivek Mashrani discuss techno-funda stock market strategies for generating wealth. The emphasis is on mastering technical and fundamental analysis abilities to create a system that allows for peaceful trading and long-term wealth creation, which is especially useful for people who are not fully engaged in the stock market. 

Mr. Mashrani begins by describing his background and the situations that influenced his trading strategies. He places a strong emphasis on how the stock market has changed over time, as well as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and derivatives. He then delves into the discussion with the building blocks of stock market returns, highlighting the potential of both fundamental and technical research to generate gains. In order to better explain this link, Mr. Mashrani presents an equation and a basic example. 

Mr. Mashrani talks about the significance of understanding market sentiments and company performance for forecasting stock market returns in this video. He analyses how fundamental and technical research can provide traders and investors with a competitive edge. In order to create a more comprehensive view of the stock market, he combines the thought schools of both techniques. Further, he also discusses the benefits of using techno-funda trading techniques by emphasizing how fundamental analysis may be used to make up for technical analysis's shortcomings and vice versa. He will also discuss some basic tips to stay profitable in the stock market, like the benefits of staying away from leverage in trading or investing.

Watch this video to learn about Mr. Vivek Mashrani's techno-funda stock market strategies for wealth generation. Learn how to effectively combine technical and fundamental analysis, comprehend market sentiment and company performance, and reap the rewards of trading using both.

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Vivek Mashrani is an Engineer turned Finance professional. He has been into stock market investing since more than 12 years now. Vivek had a privilege to do MBA in Capital Markets from NMIMS, Mumbai (in collaboration with Bombay Stock Exchange). He is an Active member of Indian Association of Investment Professionals (IAIP) and is a CFA Charter holder (USA). He has been speaker at various investing forums and also featured on BloombergQuint, Moneycontrol, Morningstar India, Elearnmarkets etc.
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Vivek Bajaj