How & When to Select Debt Mutual Funds?

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In this face2face video, we've with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge & Elearnmarkets and Mr. Kirtan Shah, co-founder and CEO of SRE Wealth who will be talking about how to and when to select debt mutual funds. He will explain the debt market and mutual funds and their various categories.

Mr. Shah simplifies the terms like yield curve, yield to maturity, modified duration, and average maturity for a better understanding. He discusses the roles played by banks, financial institutions, and governments in the money market while demonstrating various investing strategies. He places a strong emphasis on choosing the right fund at the right time and investing the right amount for the best results. Additionally, he has covered the use of coupons, interest rates, and understanding the value of investments at maturity. This in-depth presentation gives viewers the knowledge they need to choose debt mutual funds wisely.

Further, he has covered the relationship between yield, interest rate, and the economy, which plays a major role in the field of bonds, funds, and investments. He also explains the reason behind yield and interest rate being inversely proportional to each other in the market and how they can be handled to reduce losses. He also talks about the role of retail investors and how they can profit using simple strategies. He has also covered the equity market as it is necessary for comparing it with the debt market. 

Watch this video to gain valuable insights and in-depth knowledge about selecting mutual funds. This video covers every aspect in detail, so regardless of your level of experience or knowledge, you can use it to deepen your understanding and make wise investment decisions.

Mr. Kirtan Shah in Face2Face

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Mr. Kirtan Shah

Kirtan Shah is the co-founder and CEO of SRE wealth. Kirtan headed treasury for an NBFC before starting on his own. Kirtan is a guest panelist on personal finance shows for CNBC TV 18, Zee Business, ET now & Bloomberg. Kirtan is an adventure freak, from bungee to sky driving, he will be up for anything Kirtan loves cars & cricket
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj