35 minute में Bond Yield, Inflation और Stock Market के relation को समझें।

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In this Face2Face video, Mr. Kirtan Shah continues the conversation from the previous video, which was on how to select the right bond mutual fund. In this video, he will talk about the condition of the latest market and its relation to the economy of the country. He further dives into the impact of the US economy on the Indian market, giving light on their dependence.

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He also gives a practical demonstration of the value of the dollar and its relevance with the stock market of India and emphasizes that when bond prices rise, rates fall as he discusses the inverse relationship between bonds and yield. He has also emphasized the significance of interest rates during an economic crisis and the role of central banks in such situations. This is an important factor to consider because it contributes to the stability of the economy.

Furthermore, he offers a thorough analysis of the Indian real estate market, analysing its situation currently, its expectations for the future, and the crucial role played by the manufacturing sector. For investors and decision-makers, understanding the dynamics between China and India in the manufacturing sector can be quite insightful.

Watch this video to learn more about the current market dynamics and how they affect the overall economy. It provides a thorough explanation of how bond yield, inflation, and the stock market are related. This video offers insightful information and knowledge to help viewers make wise decisions, whether they are investors, analysts, or people just curious about the state of the economy.

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