Profitable Investing Strategies using Quants

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In this Face2Face video, Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder StockEdge & Elearnmarkets engages in a conversation with Mr. Kumar Saurabh, a full-time employee as a data scientist, and he has almost 12 years of experience in dealing with financial data and the stock markets to discuss the powers of data analysis and quants in the stock market for profitable trading or investing.

Mr. Kumar Saurabh emphasizes the significance of quantitative understanding and quantitative aptitude for success in the stock market. He begins by outlining the many kinds of data that traders and investors come across, including basics of financial, non-financial, trading and annual report data. He discusses ways of gaining this data, whether from free or paid sources, as well as the basic skills required to scrape financial data and use stock screeners.

Further, he discusses the important concepts of wealth creation and wealth destruction and how these come into play when we aim toanalyse data to make profitable trades and investments. While such data is usually analysed with programming languages like Python, it is a long, tough process to learn. Therefore, he will talk about some easy tools of Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics to analyse funds in an easier way. Case studies provide further examples of how to use these tools, such as using Power BI for mutual fund analysis and valuation using screening criteria and historical data.

To learn more about the intricate process of generating data-driven financial decisions and utilising data analytics to get an advantage in the stock market, watch this video. The knowledge and real-world examples provided by Mr. Saurabh are extremely helpful for traders looking to get an edge over the stock market with data analytics.

Kumar Saurabh in Face2Face

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Kumar Saurabh

Mr. Kumar Saurabh is a finance and analytics enthusiast with professional experience in both fields. He is an avid investor in Indian stock market and academically interested in application of analytics in value investment field. Currently, he is an author at the blog "Facts beyond Numbers", and he actively shares his insights on the stock market segments though his twitter handle @suru27.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj