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FAKE by Robert Kiyosaki

A Student Of God: Choose Your Teachers Well

The number one skill of an entrepreneur is the ability to sell. Sales equal income. The reason most people struggle financially is because they can’t sell.


Our mind is our problem.

Humans realize it is the development of our minds that separates us from the animals.


Split-Screen Mind:

The problem is the human mind is a dualistic, often ego-driven mind. Our mind is like a split-screen TV. It sees the world through the prism of right and wrong, good and bad, up and down, in and out, pretty and ugly. That is why all humans have a good side and dark side.


The problem is that technology is evolving – but humans are not. Humans have not changed much in the last 500-1,000 years.


For humans to evolve, the next education level will require us to turn our minds off, shut up, and tune into God.


Be silent, be still, and become a student of god, the general overall director.


Today, most people are cautious about the food they put in their body. How many people are as cautious about the information they put in their brain? Just as there are people and businesses selling junk food, there are people and businesses selling junk information.


Why are the poor and middle class getting poorer?


Because they invest in fake assets that they think are real assets.

The rich do not work for money. Savers are losers. Your house is not an asset. These are statements from Rich Dad Poor Dad, first published in 1997.


Most people are investing in real liabilities, not real assets.

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