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Think and Grow Rich

Auto-Suggestion: The Medium For Influencing The Subconscious Mind

This chapter explains the third step to riches.


Auto-Suggestion (also self-suggestion), is the act of constantly suggesting to your mind that you can achieve anything just by envisioning it. By doing this, you can trigger your subconscious mind to deliver you the plans by which you can achieve your goal.


Faith and auto-suggestion work together. You can use faith to strengthen the thoughts you want to implant in your subconscious mind. On the other hand, you can use auto-suggestion to develop your faith to achieve what you desire.


The next step is to mix emotion and faith with your words to get desirable results.


A person's subconscious mind recognises and acts upon only those thoughts that are mixed with their emotions. 


Your ability to use auto-suggestion solely depends on how obsessed you are about a given desire.

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